October 8

What Work Is This?

You know, this is not the only Wales I’ve ever lived in. I once lived inside a Whale. Like the guy in Moby Dick. The guy in Moby Dick. Not the Whale in Moby Dick. Or is the Whale called Moby Dick? Or is the guy called Moby Dick? Isn’t he called Abraham or something?

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Yar! I be on the seven seas doing something in my boat and then I see this great big fish I did and went and lived in its face for 50 years to hide from the government and make my plans to take the land with an army of Whales and the like, Yar! I’ve never read Moby Dick! Yar!

I didn’t live inside a live Whale. I have never lived inside any live animal actually. Though I did once fall over in the desert and get my knee stuck in a Camel (two humps, if you’re asking). The local vet removed me after a few hours. But I have never lived inside a live animal. But I have lived in another Wales. What? What you say? What, have I been in an other dimension where there is another Wales? But this time sheep are, like, people and people, are like, sheep? No you damn fool that is not what I’m saying. I lived in another Wales though. Oh yeah, another Wales.


See? Ha! Told you! I lived in Australia I did. It was a very strange experience. When you grow up in Wales…


Its strange to wake up to this…


So, different. Also, when I was out there my job was cleaning ovens. That’s right. I was cleaning ovens. I would drive to peoples houses and I would clean their ovens with my bare hands. And cleaning products. And tools to clean ovens with. It’s a real job, which might blow your mind. But it is. Oven cleaning! I know! (If you still don’t believe me their called Ovenu Australia, and they are real).


But now I don’t. I cut my way out and survived. I went travelling and got stuck. But I made it out. Huh. Maybe I have read Moby Dick.

September 23

Making The Most Of The Valleys

We are blessed to live in a beautiful country. This Welsh land has stunning scenery and it is an aspect of our country that all should attempt to appreciate and enjoy. But how? What is the best way to enjoy our fantastic valleys? Well, that is quite a question. Cycle? Run? Walk? Drive? Well they are all great, but driving is quite an incredible way to get the full scale of these beautiful valleys.

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Doesn’t that road just draw you down it? Doesn’t it just call you in? Doesn’t just make you want to drive? I know it makes me want to drive. A very close friend of mine has been talking my ear off about driving in the valleys. He’s a keen Porsche driver and a bit of a whizz when it comes to fitting and re-fitting his Porsche. He’s constantly getting new Porsche parts from Tech9 over in Liverpool, speeding up his ride, so that he can ride down these roads.


Yeah, those roads, they are something special. So often roads can cut through a landscape and leave it worse off, but in the grand expanses of Wales I have often looked upon roads and felt that, if anything, they added to the landscape. Such beautiful things. Such beautiful lines. Slicing through the green, elegantly as you like. Similarly to wind turbines, I feel that roads can contribute to a landscape. They do not have to be eye sores. Not at all.


They can be beautiful and striking. They can matter. They can be magical and majestic. They can rise out of the landscape and incur awe. Awe is what they can incur. When Michael drives his Porsche, with whatever the latest parts are that he’s shoved on it, through our lands, he gets a whole new perspective on this wonderful land. And I think its great that he can

September 17

Why Welsh Writing Matters

Wales is an ever fascinating place, occupying a very strange place in the world around us. We sit on the corner of a four nation coalition that is dominated by one, and once dominated the world. We were once such an integral part of the industry of these isles, with a booming industrial belt. This belt now rusts away and is strung with towns falling apart and generations with no reason to be. A beautiful land full of ugly truths that as a writer I just can’t escape. I’ve lived around these isles both in and out of the Nation of Wales, and we are always the last thought in people minds. We are not fighting to escape the crown like our brothers and sisters to the north and over the sea, at least not as fervently. We are not a land of extremes. But we are a beautiful land.


It is actually in our landscape that many do find extremes. They find a land that blows minds. We are truly a stunning land, so many fools from the other little sections of this island know nothing of us and our land. Their minds are blown when they stumble over our borders and into a landscape they think belongs in New Zealand or, more accurately, Lord Of The Rings. They stare at the black mountains in wonder. They see the water that babbles through red grass and gasp. From the coast line to the crest of Snowdonia. It is a land which never seeks to amaze and inspire.


It inspires me. Inspires me to rise every day. Inspires me to sit and write. Inspires me to breath and live. To sing. To search. To love. That is what this great land does for me. Almost all of what I post here on this new site will be inspired by this great nation. So I hope you think that sounds interesting.